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Film Crete Hydra Hydra main port on 35mm Film

Exploring the white and blue beauty of the Greek islands.

Collected works 2019-2023.

Shot on a mix of 35mm film on Nikon FM and digital on Nikon D750. 

temple in hampi

The beauty and chaos of modern India. Collected works from 2019-2023.

Where it all started.. take a dive into the journey that is exploring India.

Where the trees and spirits of the land sing. 

Collected works 2020-2023.

A place I call home.


Collected works 2022.

This collection was taken for Green Project NGO, which is held under the auspices of the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO. 

The aim of the expedition was to photography key UNESCO sites to raise awareness about green energy solutions in Madagascar.

Cappadocia air balloon

Cappadocia, Turkey

Old cities, new dreams. Collected works 2022.