The Ultimate Guide to Tinos Island, Greece

Discover the tranquil beauty of Tinos Island, an unspoiled gem in the Cyclades group in Greece. From its picturesque villages to pristine beaches, Tinos offers a unique blend of culture, history, and natural beauty. Our blog takes you on an immersive journey through this charming island, providing insider tips on the best beaches, stays and hidden spots.

Best Beaches:
Beach Agios Romanos

It can be overwhelming trying to decide which beach to go to in Tinos because theres so many! Agios Romanos is one of my favourites because you can easily dive into the sea from rocks which is something greeks love to do 😉 if you’re adventurous that is! Otherwise you can sit on the sand enjoy the sun, the perfect water and a freddo cappuccino at the beach bar.

Visit Agios Markos Church

This is for my pebble beach lovers! Next to this beautiful little church there is a staircase that leads to a very sheltered pebble beach with emerald waters. Only 2km from Chora its a great place to stop for a swim. 

Pachia Ammos Beach

Pachia Ammos is a peaceful beach located 10km from the main town of Tinos. It has a very isolated and exotic feel  with beautiful dunes of fine gold sand.

Best Villages:

Explore Pyrgos Village

My favourite village in Tinos, its very elevated so its quite windy, which is why there are many narrow little streets that were built to protect people from the winds. The village square is always bustling with life and amazing food! I made my friends walk from Panormou village up to here just for that galaktoboureko!

You have to try this!! Galaktoboureko in Pyrgos village square Tinos.
Check out Panormos Village

Ormos Panormou is a small natural harbour on the eastern coast of Tinos island. Its a very beautiful small fishing village and is nice for a swim and walk. It can get quite windy up here. 

Best Place to stay:

The view from our airbnb in Tinos

This airbnb was a super cosy and traditional island home, with tonnes of privacy. We had our own private beach, almost no neighbours and you felt like you had a whole little part of the island for yourself when you stayed here.

The best part is its not too far from the port and nice restaurants are walkable distance! Our host George picked us up from the port and was very helpful and kind with anything we needed.

I recommend you rent a car if you’re staying in Tinos in general as its a very big island. Other alternatives are local taxis and buses. 

Hey, welcome to my travel blog, I’m a Greek photographer, writer, and traveller. Here I’ll be sharing my best travel advice for lesser known destinations. 


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